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Your headshots are often the first thing potential clients see on your website or social media. We all know the importance of making a powerful first impression and create a connection based on trust.

  • Show Your Growth: Transform your brand with updated portraits that mirror your personal and professional growth.


  • Stand Out and Shine: Create images that showcase your unique personality and brand identity, making you stand out in your industry.


  • Boost Your Confidence: Empower and boosts your self-confidence elevating your business image.


  • Show Your Authentic Side: Let your clients see the genuine, approachable person behind the business through images that convey your warmth, understanding, and willingness to help.


  • Tell Your Unique Story: Craft a compelling visual story that captures your vision and leaves a lasting impression.


  • Connect with Your Audience: Personal branding photography allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level, making your new business more relatable and approachable.

Who Needs Personal Brand Photography?

  • New Businesses: As a new business or start-up, it's crucial to establish a strong visual identity from the beginning. Personal branding photography helps you create a professional and cohesive image that attracts and engages potential customers. High-quality photos present you as a credible and trustworthy business. They make your brand appear more polished and prepared, giving you an edge in competitive markets.


  • Brand Refresh: If your business has evolved, it’s essential that your visuals reflect this growth. Updated photos can show the progress and transformation that you and your brand have undergone.


  • Expanding Services (Podcasts / Retreats / Talks / PR Photos): As you expand your services, such as launching a course or a podcast, hosting retreats, or giving talks, you need photos that reflect these new ventures. This helps in promoting and marketing these services effectively.
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Personal Branding Shoot or Business Headshots?

6 main differences to help choose the best option for you

Personal Branding Shoot:

  1. Captures your personality and brand story, highlighting who you are and what you stand for.
  2. Includes diverse shots, like lifestyle images and candid moments, with different outfits and settings.
  3. Tells a broader story about you, incorporating your work environment, hobbies, and personal style.
  4. Used across social media, personal websites, and marketing materials to create a cohesive brand image
  5. Requires more planning, with pre-shoot consultations and questionnaire, detailed prep for locations, outfits, and props.
  6. Often a higher investment due to the extensive planning, variety of shots, and the creative process involved. The outcome is a comprehensive set of images that can be used to build and maintain your brand over time.

Business Headshots:

  1. Provides a professional image for business profiles like LinkedIn or company websites.
  2. Focuses on straightforward, professional images, usually with a neutral background.
  3. Presents a strong, professional look without much personal context.
  4. Mainly for corporate use, like business cards, company directories, and professional networking sites.
  5. Business Headshots: Simpler and quicker, focusing on choosing the right attire and a professional setting.
  6. More cost-effective, delivering a set of professional images for immediate use.
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Mini Sessions

These 20 min sessions will give you a taste of the full branding session and are ideal for updating your LinkedIn or social media profiles, or for refreshing your website with new headshots. Check the next available dates below:

Personal Branding Mini Sessions
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