Goddess Retreat, Gaeta Italy

Goddess Retreat Gaeta, Italy 13-18 September 2024

This retreat will lead you on a journey of self-discovery, using the power of crystal healing, meditation, energy movements, and ancient wisdom to awaken your inner goddess.

Crystal and energy healing, nature, history

I'm so excited to invite you, together with Natasha of Miracle Retreats, to our first retreat to my beloved magical hometown in Italy, Gaeta.

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Located halfway between Rome and Naples, Gaeta is part of the Regional Park of the Ulysses Riviera, considered one of the most evocative and relaxing places in the world and the favourite holiday destinations of ancient (and modern!) Romans. From Gaeta to Sperlonga, you can admire a landscape of imposing cliffs, deep clear waters, fine sandy beaches, caves, Mediterranean vegetation and archaeological sites from Roman times.

Gaeta, Sperlonga and Ulysses

The "Goddess" theme resonates deeply with the legends and energy of Gaeta and Sperlonga. Nestled along the stunning Italian coastline, they are towns rich in history, legend, and natural beauty. Gaeta, with its picturesque beaches and ancient fortifications, is a town that has witnessed centuries of history. According to legend, the town is named after Caieta, the devoted nurse of Aeneas, a hero of the Trojan War featured in Virgil’s Aeneid. Caieta's loyalty and nurturing spirit are said to bless the area, making it a perfect setting for our retreat.

Sperlonga, just a short distance away, is a charming village known for its whitewashed houses, winding streets, and breathtaking views. The town is famous for the Grotto of Tiberius, a sea cave that was part of the Emperor Tiberius's villa. Here, mythology and history intertwine, creating a mystical atmosphere that enhances our spiritual journey.

Our stunning Villa is strategically located between Gaeta and Sperlonga on a hill overlooking the sea and only 10 minutes’ walk from one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the coast called “Le Scissure”.

Private villa overlooking the sea

Imagine the sound of waves caressing the shores, the golden sun rising over the crystalline blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the ancient whispers of legends guiding your journey.

A journey to rediscover your inner goddess

The Spiritual Journey

Crystal Healing Sessions: Natasha, an incredibly gifted crystal healer, will help you awaken your inner goddess and connect deeply with your true essence.

She will lead you through personalized sessions, using the powerful energies of crystals to balance your chakras, release blockages, and enhance your spiritual growth. Crystals have been used for centuries to connect with higher realms and harness the earth's healing energies.

Crystal healing

Meditation and Mindfulness: Each day, we will practice guided meditations at our villa or on the serene beaches of Gaeta. These meditations are designed to quiet the mind, open the heart, and connect with the divine feminine energy within. We will also integrate the healing with daily journaling.

Empower and Unleash the divine feminine within you

Exploring Ancient Sites: We will visit sacred sites and historical landmarks, including the Montagna Spaccata Sanctuary in Gaeta and the Villa of Tiberius in Sperlonga. These visits will not only enrich our understanding of the local legends but also provide a backdrop for reflection and spiritual awakening.

Gaeta and Sperlonga Ancient Sites

Goddess Circles: In the evenings, we will gather in circles to share our experiences, insights, and support each other's journey. These circles create a sense of community and empower each participant to embrace their inner goddess.

Golden Hour Photoshoot: On the final day of our retreat, you will experience the transformative power of the Golden Hour photoshoot. This magical photo session, set against the backdrop of the stunning coast at sunset, is designed to empower you and help you rediscover your divine feminine. The photos will capture your inner goddess, providing a lasting memory of your transformation and newfound radiance.

Golden hour goddess photoshoot
Golden hour beach session

The Power of Connection and Transformation

This retreat is more than just a getaway; it's a pilgrimage into your own soul. The connections you make, both with fellow participants and with your own divine nature, will continue to inspire and empower you long after the retreat ends.

Join us on this sacred journey and let the legends of Gaeta and the magical spiritual healing, guide you to a profound transformation.

Click the link below to discover the detailed itinerary and to book your retreat with us. Hope to see you there.

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