Generations portrait shoot

Fine Art Generations shoot with Veruschka Baudo

Three generations in front of the lens

I love creating images that include multiple generations of a family, there's something inherently special about knowing your images will be treasured for years and years to come.

Rebecca and her family came to me a few months ago looking for elegant, classic family portraiture. In the studio we created timeless fine art images of the three generations together as well as some individual shots of the girls. Having never had a portrait taken by a photographer before, it became an emotional experience for Rebecca's mother just to be in front of the camera. It was wonderful to capture this love and to be able to share a day to get dressed up, look and feel stunning and really just to have fun and spend time with one another.

Portrait photographer London Veruschka Baudo
Shoot with Grandchildren London

I think it's so important for mothers to get in front of the camera with their children, so they too can exist in photos. Being the first time all three generations had been photographed together professionally, Rebecca, her mother really showcase how important it is for women to get in front of the camera for both themselves and for their family. As a mum myself, I know the importance of documenting the life of your children (they grow up so fast!).

Elegant portraiture in London for children
London portrait photographer Veruschka Baudo
Timeless family photography in London

The importance of family photography

A few years ago, I found some of my own family pictures in an old box in Italy. One of them was a Polaroid I had taken after our Christmas dinner in the early 1980's. The photo included my two grandfathers and one uncle who sadly, are no longer with us today. It was in that moment that I deeply understood the importance of taking pictures of the ones you love. I vividly remembered the love and emotions expressed in the instant that image was captured. It was a powerful moment that really stays with me whenever I photograph families together.

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Timeless portraiture for all generations
Black and white photography by Veruschka Baudo

I deeply value quality in my portraits and constantly stress the importance of printing your photos. I wish that single Polaroid of my family was a professional portrait but at least it was a physical photograph. We are currently living in the age of 'fast photography' where everything is quick and easy. We keep thousands of photos on our mobiles and/or computers and never do anything with them, possibly even forgetting they exist. I aim to create timeless, classic portraits that create a legacy and a memory that will last for generations.

This is also a problem within the photography world. Photographers only offering digital images to clients creates the same issue. I adore my folio boxes for clients' images. It's a great way to ensure you have a proper photograph as well as the digital file.

What to do with your photographs after you take them
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Printing images with Veruschka Baudo

Fine art images as a collection like this create heirloom piece for your family to have and remember. It is something that will be passed on for generations to come. I would love to help you keep these memories forever, lost memories are expensive.

Get in touch to organise a generations portrait shoot for you and your family. You can read more about your shoot experience here

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Black and white photography in London


  1. Caroline Guthrie on October 24, 2017 at 6:54 pm

    Absolutely beautiful pictures, you have captured this family in such a magical way.

  2. Veruschka Baudo on October 24, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    Thank you so much Caroline! 🙂